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  • My profound apologies for writing in English. I can read a little French. (Un petit) I have better Latin!! While researching the family of Hauvell, I came across this: Louise-Marie-Mathilde-Aline du HAUVEL, Countess  married on April 4, 1889 Pierre de CHABANNES LA PALICE, Marquis de Chabannes la Palice (1862-1934) and issued (Marie-Antoinette, Antoine-Jacques-Marie, and Ebles) I am descended from the ancient family of Hautville, Hauville which came established in Norfolk, England in about 1160. They originated from Three brothers, who came with Henry II from Coutances. From my own research I discovered that members of the family had lands both in Normandy and England, a direct ancestor William de Hauville, knight and falconer to the king had lands near Preaux near Rouen and two other estates (knight's fees) in the area. Hauvelles, Hauvilles and Havilles continued to be active members of the French nobility after they established themselves in England. Three Havilles are listed as Ecuyer in the French forces at Azincourt. I suspect that the Hauvel's, from Calvados, could be connected with this ancient family. They were also as an ancient noble family of Normandy, and fitted the same profile, ecuyer, as mine. The Hauvels are listed amongst the nobles who took refuge in London during the revolution. I think Countess Louise' father or grandfather was born there. ( English by birth?) I think the Countess Louise du Hauvel was the last of her line and the title became absorbed into that of the family Chabannes La Palice. It would be nice to have an ancient connection between the Chabannes and the Hauvilles/Havells. Recently I discovered that the last known house of the Hauvel's the Chateau du Pin, near Moyanx, still exists and is presently owned by Rebecca and John Whitehead who run a small tourist accommodation business. The Chateau du Pin was also held by the Chabannes family at one time. Regards, Cousin, néo-zélandais Kevin
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